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    ejbFindByPrimaryKey, locking, and consistency

    Dave M Newbie

      I have an inventory system that uses session facade on the backend. The front end is a page that shows inventory items and the user can select one of the items and be taken to a details page.

      My question is:
      When the user is on the details page, will the JBoss session facade block another user from accessing the details page for the same item? Or do I need to code to prevent this myself? My thinking is that internally, an entity bean exists in memory for the DB rowid of the item being viewed. Then when another user tries to do ejbFindByPrimaryKey for the same item ID, the ejb container should return an error because someone else is already using it, right? Or is the JBoss EJB container smart enough to allow two people to both view and potentially modify the same data while enforcing consistency?