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    JBoss / Hibernate / BMP (CMT) / DB2 / JDBC - DB locks are no

    Panindrakumar Balellugari Newbie

      I am using

      >>>BMP with CMT EJB's - Using requires transaction attribute. EJB's use Hibernate

      I have a situation where Hibernate is used to create insert there records into DB and creating three entity beans for each record.

      Once the above process is complete i am invoking a JDBC call to get some information from the same table where hibernate has inserted three new records. Once i try to execute the query through JDBC, app just hangs.

      When i monitor the connections in the DB2 i can see lock waiting and when i kill the connection that is creating the lock then app resumes with exception.

      Now i am trying to figure out where the problem could be? Can some one please help me with this.