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    Jboss / Stateless Session EJB/ Flash Remoting / Flash Media

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      We have a problem with an application we are developing and deploying to jboss 4.0.3.

      We have a SLSB on a jbossAS for the backend. The UI is a flash front end, that communicates with jboss via Flash Media Server and then to flash remoting (Flash client -> Flash Media Server -> Flash Remoting -> SLSB)

      The client makes calls to jboss by notifying flash media server, which makes a call to flash remoting, which in turn calls my ejb. So far this works about 95% The problem surfaces when the flash client is left idle for about 30 minutes and the binding with the ejb (or flash remoting) appears to become unbound and results in an exception being returned to our flash clients and no exception written to the jboss logs. It's not an application level error but it appears that some type of timeout, such as maybe flash media server losing its connection or timing out.

      I'm not really sure where I'm going with this other than anyone else with similar experience that could offer some advice on how to either increase this timeout (wherever it is.. i've looked everywhere) or rebind this connection...