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    RMI & EJB Problem

    flo thomas Newbie

      I have a problem with RMI and a stateless EJB.

      I got a Client GUI, Client IF (annotated with @Remote), and Client Impl. On the server side I have a stateless (@Stateless) component that implements a ServerInterface (via @Remote). When the client contacts the server and passes itself (via this) to the server, the server should invoke a method to update the GUI, however it seems as if everything is done on the server, i.e. as if a copy of the client is transmitted, because all the client output is visible on the server - I had some strange behavior with NullPointers and noticed that actually since the GUI class was serializable it must have tried to invoke the stuff on the server side as well, now i removed the serializable and of course get some marshalling exceptions...

      Can you point me at some code that shows how something like this is usually done such that the server really invokes something on the client? Do you know what I am doing wrong?