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    Help! What type of bean?

    John Thomas Newbie

      Hi all,

      I've run into a snag that I've never encountered before...and I'm not sure what type of bean to use for this application.

      Basically, the entire system is running on JBOSS (which is great BTW!), however we've run into an issue that we need to make a call to a legacy third-party software. Now, this isn't normally a problem, however this initialization for this product is just awful (time consuming). We still need to have it message driven, however I would like to avoid spawning new MDB's for the purpose of the application running at a higher pace. Therefore, we would still need to have it triggered by a message, but I would like to use a bean that is initialized only at startup with the server. In that case, we would still be able to access the third party software, and skip the initialization on every message coming in.

      So...the bottom line is: What type of bean can be initialized at startup, and then access via a message? (I'm not opposed to using an MDB and another type of bean that is static)

      Thanks all...anything helps!