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    Client timeout

    Michael Couck Newbie


      Very simple I suppose but I don't know where to set it. My server gets disconnected from the network for some reason or other, no matter, but the fat client doesn't relise this for quite a long time. How do I set the client that it checks on a more regular basis that the server is still available. I see the configuration parameters for the server:

      1) TransactionTimeout
      2) SocketTimeout
      3) KeepAliveTime

      But these don't seem to be the ones I am looking for. Literally the create method on the bean should return faster. If there is no response from the server within a couple of seconds, five perhaps, then there should be a target invocation exception or somthing, but I have to wait far too long, several minutes. Is this a standard, or per server, or is this a client setting?

      Thanks in advance.