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    Can I trace EJB *AND* JDBC transaction into 1 tracelog?

    Joost Kraaijeveld Newbie

      I am having soem problems with transaction boundaries. To help me with finding a solution I would like to trace both EJB and JDBC transactions (creation and commit/rollback) into 1 tracelog. Is that possible?



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          Dirk Haase Newbie

          something I've done a while ago was to write 2 interceptors that were placed around the jboss transaction interceptors and would put the name of the transaction and the status into the invocation payload and from that determine if the transaction was commited or rolled back.
          When the invocation came back in the outer interceptor, then a name change of the transaction meant that the inner transaction was commited unless a RuntimeException was thrown or the status of the transaction in the inner interceptor was set to rollbackonly.

          I'm sure you might also find a way to configure log4j to log all important transaction info, but that's the way I did it to monitor transactions.