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    WebLogic to JBoss conversion - EJB Client jar file?

    Jim Jarrett Newbie

      I am porting an app from WebLogic 8.1 to JBoss. The app uses EJB 2.0.

      The application is deployed as an EAR containing the business logic and a WAR contatining the presentation layer.

      Under WebLogic, we used the ejbgen tool to create the deployment descriptors, Home and Remote interfaces, as well as an ejbgen annotation -- @ejbgen:jar-settings -- that created a client JAR file that included the Home and Remote interface classes plus most of the dependent classes (classes used as parameters to the exposed EJB methods).

      I have sucessfully switched out ejbgen for XDoclet's ejbdoclet annotations to generate the deployment descriptors and Home and Remote interfaces.

      I'm making a weak hack at trying to gather up the right classes by hand for a client jar file to build into the user interface WAR file. It's ugly and fragile.

      Is there another tool that does what ejbgen does that is not WebLogic specific? How do other application assemblers deal with this issue?

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          Malawarayan Ganesan Newbie

          hey can you please provide me some help in understanding what the EJBGen is trying to do and the various tags that it is using and also the XDoclet equivalent of these tags ??

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            Jim Jarrett Newbie

            I just looked at the ejbgen documentation on BEA's website, and the XDoclet documentation. It is not that difficult to make the connections. A little experimentation, and Google got me what I needed.

            Our use of ejbgen was not that intense - my app uses stateless session beans, and stateless session beans are pretty straightforward.

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              vis vardh Newbie


              Need help urgently

              below is the piece of code from config.xml from weblogic declaring jmsqueues ,topics and connectionfactories

              Can you please tell me how can i declare the same in JBOSS

               <JMSConnectionFactory JNDIName="AlarmMgrConnectionFactory"
               Name="AlarmMgrConnectionFactory" Targets="myserver"/>
               <JMSConnectionFactory DefaultDeliveryMode="Non-Persistent"
               JNDIName="EventConnectionFactory" Name="EventConnectionFactory" Targets="myserver"/>
               Name="JMSTestQueueConnectionFactory" Targets="myserver"/>
               Name="JMSTestTopicConnectionFactory" Targets="myserver"/>
               <JMSConnectionFactory JNDIName="NotificationConnectionFactory"
               Name="NotificationConnectionFactory" Targets="myserver"/>
               <JMSConnectionFactory DefaultTimeToLive="15000" Name="TLIConnectionFactory"/>
               <JMSConnectionFactory DefaultDeliveryMode="Non-Persistent"
               DefaultTimeToLive="15000" JNDIName="TLIConnectionFactory"
               Name="TLINotifyConnectionFactory" Targets="myserver"/>
               <JMSConnectionFactory DefaultDeliveryMode="Non-Persistent"
               DefaultTimeToLive="15000" JNDIName="CacheConnectionFactory"
               Name="CacheConnectionFactory" Targets="myserver"/>
               <JMSFileStore Directory="." Name="TLJMSStore" SynchronousWritePolicy="Direct-Write"/>
               <JMSServer MessagesMaximum="10" Name="JMSServer-0"
               Store="TLJMSStore" Targets="myserver" TemporaryTemplate="MyJMSTemplate">
               <JMSQueue JNDIName="AlarmMgrRecvQueue" Name="AlarmMgrRecvQueue" StoreEnabled="default"/>
               <JMSQueue JNDIName="mydomain.JMSTestQueue1" Name="JMSTestQueue" StoreEnabled="default"/>
               <JMSQueue JNDIName="NotificationQueue" Name="NotificationQueue" StoreEnabled="default"/>
               <JMSQueue JNDIName="TLIRequestQueue" Name="TLIRequestQueue" StoreEnabled="default"/>
               <JMSQueue JNDIName="TLIResponseQueue" Name="TLIResponseQueue" StoreEnabled="default"/>
               <JMSTopic JNDIName="CacheSynchTopic" Name="CacheSynchTopic" StoreEnabled="default"/>
               <JMSTopic JNDIName="Event" Name="Event" StoreEnabled="default"/>
               <JMSTopic JNDIName="JMSTestTopic1" Name="JMSTestTopic" StoreEnabled="default"/>
               <JMSTopic JNDIName="TLINotifyTopic" Name="TLINotifyTopic" StoreEnabled="default"/>
               <JMSTopic JNDIName="TLObjectEvent" Name="TLObjectEvent" StoreEnabled="default"/>
               <JMSTemplate Name="MyJMSTemplate"/>

              i need this urgently as one of my internal application needs to be migrated from weblogic to jboss