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    Question on specifying BATCH size and FETCH type

    Elenh Tsigka Newbie


      I'm new to JBoss - EJB and I try to understand how can I use methods to optimize prformance of my app in JBoss.
      I use JBoss seam, EJB3, postgreSQL. My application is very similar to the booking example of seam. But I want to optimize the way data are fetched from the database. I have read about the methods used by Hibernate for optimization, as specifying the fetch type on HQL queries (as I might not specify an eager fetch type on the Join column) and configure the batch size.

      I would just like to know if I can use any of the above with Jboss EJB3. Or maybe another method for optimization, that I'm not aware of.
      I wasn't able to find information related to my questions in the jboss EJB3 documentation and I cannot distinguish what is supported only by Hibernate and what by both Hibernate and EJB3. Maybe I haven't found the right documentation to read...

      Can anyone help me?

      Thanks a lot,