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    EJB packaging question

    Kent Lam Newbie

      I am trying to find out what the best practices of packaging ejbs for a J2EE application. Basically I am trying to group different components into related projects, I am using Maven as my build tool by the way. Each project would consists of a ejb3 component for domain model and a web component(.war). My question is should I create a .ear file and package the ejb.jar and .war file in it and deploy to JBoss or should I deploy the ejb.jar and .war separately in JBoss? Keep in mind that the ejb.jar can be a dependency for other projects, so Project B can be depended on Project A's ejb.jar. So if such dependency exists, is it better to not package them in .ear files because then I would need to package Project A's ejb.jar in Project B's ear file also.
      Any help would be appreciated, thank you.