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    EJB3 access to XSLT files

    Marco Pehla Newbie

      Hello everybody,

      I'm writing an Web Service with the help of EJB3 and want to use some XSLT files. Currently I've created a EAR file with ANT which contains a JAR file (with the EJB3) and a WAR file (that holds my XSLT files).

      My questions is now, how could I get an easy access to these XSLT files?

      If I deploy the EAR file the XSLT files are somewhere inside the .\jboss\server\default\tmp\ folder. To access this folder is a bit tricky since the folder got a unique number at the beginning of it's name and therefore it needs a kind of hacking which I want to prevent. ;)

      Isn't there a simpler solution? Maybe I'm missing something?

      thank you in advance,