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    Embeddable roadmap

    Michael Couck Newbie


      I have looked around but can't seem to find anything relating to the remote capabilities of the embedded EJB container. This would be paramount for a decision. Could anyone please tell me if and when JBoss will develop the remote communication for the embedded container, and if they will support this in the future? Not only the JMS remotely but the JNDI access and of course the session beans, i.e. remote access.

      All works well locally of course. Setup the container with about five lines of code, all is deployed from the classpath scan by the container! Great one, couldn't be easier. But the remote thing is REALLY important. Without which I'll have to use OpenEJB, but fiddling around with configuration files and the like really annoys me. So please tell me that the enbedded container will go remote soon.

      Thanks in advance.