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    Trouble with @EJB reference

    Nic Holbrook Newbie

      I have several stateless EJB's. Each one provides a service, so it seems to make sense that the specific code is in each bean. I had @EJB references to some of these beans and some of them were circular.

      Bean A
      @EJB Bean B

      Bean B
      @EJB Bean A

      In jboss 4.0.4RC1, this deployed without a problem. My guess is that the lookup wasn't done until the first call or after all the deployments were completed. I just upgraded to jboss 4.0.5 so I can start playing with the new webservices and other stuff. Now none of these ears will deploy. It seems they try to do the lookup and connect the beans as soon as they are deployed. Now they won't deploy. Is there a way to make these deploy like they did in 4.0.4? I don't see any reason why service beans can't reference each other.

      Thank in advance.