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    Cluster and EJB through IIOP

    Javier Viguera Newbie

      Hello everybody,
      I have EJB's deployed on my jboss4.0.5GA. They are invoked by .Net client through IIOP. I'd like to have a cluster with two nodes. I'm trying to do it with the same client but it doesn't work.The client code to call the EJB is:
      string nameserviceLoc = "corbaloc::" + server + ":" + nameServicePort + "/JBoss/Naming/root";
      NamingContext m_nameService = (NamingContext)RemotingServices.Connect(typeof(NamingContext), nameserviceLoc);

      It only works if the jboss is running on the "server" machine. When I stop the jboss on "server" machine the client cannot communicate with the other node of the cluster.
      Can this configuration works? Is clustering incompatible with IIOP in .net client?
      Thanks in advance and best regards.