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    Transaction Issue in JBOSS

    udith nalaka Newbie


      I am using EJB,Hibernate and postgresql for my project and the server is JBoss. i have handled Transactions at EJB level as shown below. but there is a issue when multiple treads are running

      Below is what happens in the EJB methods

      (1) Method abc(){ //ejb transaction type is ?RequiresNew?

      (2) Method ccc (){} // ejb transaction type is ?Required?


      (2) Method ccc (){

      Save to table 1 //using hibernate

      Save to table 2 //using hibernate

      Save to table 3 //using hibernate


      But the first table doesn?t update properly. Other two tables are updated properly.

      Ex: - if the Method abc() is called from a loop which is 100. the tables are updated as below.

      table 1 ? 85

      table 2 ? 100

      table 3 - 100

      like to know how to overcome this problem as soon as possible,