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    Matching XDoclet tags for the given ejbgen tags

    murali Newbie

      I am in a project in which we are migrating from EJBGen to XDoclet and WebLogic to JBoss. I could not find the matching XDoclet tags for the ejbgen tags listed below. We are using Jboss as the application server. Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.

      Session Beans:
      @ejbgen:session methods-are-idempotent
      @ejbgen:ejb-client-jar file-name

      Entity Beans:
      idle-timeout-seconds = 1200
      max-beans-in-cache = 300
      @ejbgen:entity delay-database-insert-until
      @ejbgen:automatic-key-generation name

      Message Driven Beans:
      initial-beans-in-free-pool = 1
      max-beans-in-free-pool = 3