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    How to call a EJB method at deploy time

    Stefan Lang Newbie

      Is there a best-practice for the follwing case:

      1. EJB should poll all 5 minutes a file (or whatever)
      2. send the file to JMS (or whatever)

      my solution:

      1. Create Session Bean
      2. Deploy Session Bean
      3. Create Client that calls Session bean with Method START_FIRST_TIME()
      4. Session Bean registers Timer
      5. Timer calls session bean DO_THE_WORK() all 5 minutes

      From now on it works fine independent as long as Jboss is running (because timers are persistent and survives shutdowns)

      So I need step 2 and 3 one ONE time. That is ugly.

      Any better suggestion (as long as we keep in EJB Standard)?
      Any Mbean service available that can do this by configuration ?