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    any idea to inject a ejb to tapestry?

    fff fff Newbie

      hi, I use tapestry as web tier and want get a slsb in this tier. this is my code:
      public abstract class Home extends BasePage {

      // @EJB
      // Calculator bean;

      public String getResult() {
      // Double message = bean.calculate(11, 22, 0.08, 44);
      // return message.toString();

      InitialContext ctx = null;
      Calculator bean = null;
      try {
      ctx = new InitialContext();
      bean = (Calculator) ctx
      } catch (NamingException e) {

      Double message = bean.calculate(22, 22, 0.08, 22);
      return "ok! " + message.toString();
      When I use JNDI's lookup, as showed above, it works. But when I want to inject a slsb to this page, as the commented code showed, it get nothing. No bean is injected. do I misues this annotation? and how can I inject a bean to tapestry? or I can only do this in servlet? By the way, I use jbossAs 5 beta2 as the server.
      Thanks for your help in advance.