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    Basic question about CMP 2.1 Entity beans

    i o Newbie


      i have a stupid question about mapping a db to CMP 2.1 entity beans:

      if i have a relation many to many, and in the database i use 2 tables for entities and 1 table for the relationship, do i have to map all the 3 tables to beans and set in the ejb-jar.xml a CMR for first-entity to the relationship and a CMR for the relationship to second-entity?

      about this, on tutorials, manuals and so on i found nothing. various examples of CMP 2.0 and many to many CMR dont mention 3 tables to represent it. I found something only on a page on oracle.com that says that with oracle we dont need to care about the relationship table, because oracle takes care
      but since i'm using hypersonic...

      thanks for any answer!