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    Stateful session reference problem while upgrading to Jboss

    Adeel Ali Newbie

      We have a J2EE based product that we are running on Jboss 3.0.8. Its been in production for a couple of years now and is running fine. Recently we have tried to upgrade to Jboss 4.0 and we are seeing some strange behavior with our stateful session beans.

      We have a SFSB in our application that provides vital functionality for one of our core components in the product. The client JSP is storing a reference to the bean in the http session to make it available across multiple user requests. During testing after upgrade we noticed that somehow the reference to stateful session bean is getting mixed up and we see data being shared among two user sessions resulting in user being able to see data that is not related to them. Now the bean carries a lot of state information mostly stored in Vectors. This seemed to be working in Jboss 3.0.8.

      Is anybody aware of any performance improvements or changes in Jboss 4.0 that might cause this behavior. I am aware that the problem could be in our bean implementation which might not be compatible with the J2EE compliant behavior followed by Jboss 4.0. As you know, such problems are very hard to debug specially when the client is just a bloated JSP without a controller.

      Any sort of help will be greatly appreciated.