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    Hanging JBoss - invoked while multiple threads active within

    Michael JOnes Newbie

      I got this exception and a hanging JBoss on a production site. Here is the last entries in the log: -

      12:03:03,012 WARN [ValidatorResources] Form 'ProductForm' not found for locale 'en_NZ'
      12:07:41,977 WARN [arjLoggerI18N] [com.arjuna.ats.arjuna.coordinator.BasicAction_58] - Abort of action id -3f57fdff:12dd:466f4b3f:94029 invoked while multiple threads active within it.
      12:07:41,977 WARN [arjLoggerI18N] [com.arjuna.ats.arjuna.coordinator.CheckedAction_2] - CheckedAction::check - atomic action -3f57fdff:12dd:466f4b3f:94029 aborting with 1 threads active!

      It did not work until I restarted it. I don't know how to replicate it as it is the first time I have seen it. It may have occured at the same time as a user triggered a call to the loadCache() method of this EJB: -

      @TransactionManagement (TransactionManagementType.CONTAINER)
      public class EStoreServerCacheManagerBean implements EStoreServerCacheManager, EStoreServerCacheManagerLocal {
      * Called when the cache needs to be refreshed from the database
      @TransactionTimeout(value=600) //10 Minutes to load all the summaries
      public void loadCache() {
      logger.debug("loadCache called");
      Store[] stores = storeManager.getStores();
      for(Store store : stores) {

      EStoreObjectSpace.loadCache() is defined as: -

      public static synchronized EStoreCache loadCache(Store store) { }

      Could it be that this method is synchronized ?

      Does any one have any recommendations for debugging this?