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    method-permission being ignored

    Stephanos Piperoglou Newbie

      JBoss 4.0.5GA - EJB 2.1

      I'm trying to implement authentication for my EJBs. Before I even start with LoginModules, CallbackHandlers etc., the first thing I did was amend my ejb-jar.xml to require a role ("SomeUser") when accessing methods of my EJB ("TemplateManager"). Without changing anything on the client, I ran it again expecting to see authentication errors since there is no authentication, but instead the client ran fine, calling methods on the bean without any authentication. In other words, the EJB is still completely unsecured.


      In my ejb methods, I do:

      LOG.debug("Principal: "+sessionContext.getCallerPrincipal());
      LOG.debug("isCallerInRole: "+sessionContext.isCallerInRole("SomeUser"));

      which produces:

      17:57:19,707 DEBUG [TemplateManagerBean] Principal: anonymous
      17:57:19,707 DEBUG [TemplateManagerBean] isCallerInRole: false

      What's wrong? Why is JBoss ignoring the method-permission stuff in ejb-jar.xml?