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    Accessing data (variables) through XML descriptor?

    Bogus Exception Newbie

      I can't seem to get a concrete answer. I have all the EJB3 books out there, and even the JBoss/EJB3 book eludes to a way to pass data to an instance of a class via the XML descriptor for that class.

      I want to avoid having to compile classes on the fly, thus requiring a JDK on the client, I really want to be able to pass data into a deployed class from the XML descriptor. Let me clarify: I want to pass data into the class at the point it is deployed, and not after. The idea is a pattern to support programmatic deployment of templates.

      To be clear, I'm not talking about the standard EJB3 annotations in XML form, but arbitrary data for the intantiated class(es). Say, for a good example, that I wanted to pass integer or string data into a class. I want the class to be a "template" that used a different regex string, integers, etc. for each instance, but I won't know what that regex data actually is until runtime. In addition, I won't know how many of these classes will be used.

      I'd like a way to tell the class all the information it will need in the XML descriptor, creating it on the fly at runtime programmatically, then deploying the class.

      This is just an example of the desired deployment pattern, as it is a good example of how to template many simultaneous instances of a class that only differ from each other slightly.