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    Fail to lookup entity bean inside a stateless session bean b

    Calson LI Newbie

      Hi all,

      I am using JBoss 4.0.5 GA and myEclipse 5.1.1 GA to do a web project with EJB for database manipulation.

      I created a stateless session bean which is invoked in doGet method of a servlet. I tried to add CMP entity bean lookup method in a business method of this session bean. It ends up with a "Naming Exception". The code snippet inside the business method of stateless session bean is as follows.

      try {
      // StaffLocalHome is the home interface of CMP entity bean Staff
      StaffLocalHome staffHome = StaffUtil.getLocalHome();
      StaffLocal staff = staffHome.findByPrimaryKey(new StaffPK(loginID));
      StaffData staffData = staff.getValueObject();
      catch (NamingException ne) {
      returnCode = 1;
      catch (FinderException fe) {
      returnCode = -2;
      catch (Exception e) {
      returnCode = 2;

      If I moved the above codes inside the servlet where stateless session bean is invoked, no problem of naming exception when looking up CMP entity bean. So, it seems that ejb-jar.xml, jboss.xml, web.xml and jboss-web.xml are correctly configured.

      Could you advise where the problem is?

      Thank you,

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          wayne baylor Apprentice

          what's the lookup code look like?

          you should be able to use:

          MyBeanLocal bean;

          to inject the slsb.

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            Calson LI Newbie

            Thanks a lot for your reply, Waynebaylor.

            My lookup code is as follows, which is generated from XDoclet.

             * Utility class for Staff.
             * @xdoclet-generated at ${TODAY}
             * @copyright The XDoclet Team
             * @author XDoclet
             * @version ${version}
            public class StaffUtil
             /** Cached local home (EJBLocalHome). Uses lazy loading to obtain its value (loaded by getLocalHome() methods). */
             private static ts.interfaces.StaffLocalHome cachedLocalHome = null;
             private static Object lookupHome(java.util.Hashtable environment, String jndiName, Class narrowTo) throws javax.naming.NamingException {
             // Obtain initial context
             javax.naming.InitialContext initialContext = new javax.naming.InitialContext(environment);
             try {
             Object objRef = initialContext.lookup(jndiName);
             // only narrow if necessary
             if (java.rmi.Remote.class.isAssignableFrom(narrowTo))
             return javax.rmi.PortableRemoteObject.narrow(objRef, narrowTo);
             return objRef;
             } finally {
             // Home interface lookup methods
             * Obtain local home interface from default initial context
             * @return Local home interface for Staff. Lookup using COMP_NAME
             public static ts.interfaces.StaffLocalHome getLocalHome() throws javax.naming.NamingException
             if (cachedLocalHome == null) {
             cachedLocalHome = (ts.interfaces.StaffLocalHome) lookupHome(null, ts.interfaces.StaffLocalHome.COMP_NAME, ts.interfaces.StaffLocalHome.class);
             return cachedLocalHome;

            Thank you,

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              wayne baylor Apprentice

              what's the code in the servlet that does the lookup for the first session bean?

              and is the NamingException from StaffUtil or from the servlet?