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    Issues with scoped classloader

    tnine Newbie

      Hi All,
      I'm receiving strange ClassCastExceptions due to class loader issues in JBoss 4.0.2, I try to turn off parent delegation. According to the post here


      "Use the following constructs to enabled scoped class loading with the deployment classes overriding the server classes."

      I have the following jboss-app.xml


      However, I still receive these errors. Whenever I run our POJO code in our integration tests, everything works perfectly. Once I package it up into an ear and deploy in JBoss, I start to see these issues. Specifically it seems to be a hibernate issue with annotations. I'm including the annotations version 3.3.0 ga, and hibernate version 3.2.4.sp1. It seems that either I'm missing a library in the include, or JBoss is not loading my classes first. Is my jboss-app.xml correct?