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    calling EJB3 on a remote machine behind firewall - need help

    Mark Meyer Newbie

      hello everyone,

      environment: EJB30, Suse 10.1, JBoss AS 4.2.1

      i have two linux machines setup. one of them is acting as the server (gecko1) and the other is acting as a client machine (gecko2). gecko1, the server machine, is running an instance of JBAS 4.2.1.

      i have the client machine making calls to the jboss service on the server machine - but would like to test out the ability to make calls to the jboss server from behind the firewall using JNDI / RMI over HTTP.

      i have been reading the forums and dox on what changes to make to facilitate JNDI / RMI over HTTP. as i understand it - the only change you need to make is to the jndi.properties file on the client side.

      to that end - i changed my jndi.properties on the client machine (gecko2) - from




      am i on the right track ?

      as it stands right now - when i turn on the firewall (on the server machine) and make the call to the server machine from the client machine - the client just hangs. this situation remains until i turn off the firewall on the server.

      i really need to figure out how to make my calls over HTTP - since we will be running multiple servers in disparate locations.

      any help would be appreciated