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    which class is used ? Classloader ?

    Marcel van Velzen Newbie


      I am using JBoss 4.2.1.GA and JBossWS native-2.0.0.GA.

      I (hot)deploy for each customer one or more generated .ejb file.

      Some classes however are always the same, for example com.poseidon.util.DateUtil.

      Lately I changed the code in DateUtil and tested this for a dummy customer account.

      I noticed that the logic of another (old) DateUtil was somehow executed, not the changed code.

      This is a normal class, not a webservice nor a entity or session bean.

      Does JBoss load the ejb file in a seperate classloader for each .ejb file ?

      If not, why than don't I get a exception during hot deployment when JBoss actually can see a duplicate class name.

      I want to keep DateUtil and similar 'always stay the same' classes in the project, since they might change over time and newer deployments than contain the new code.

      I hope you can help me,