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    ejbFindByPrimaryKey not calling when we perform the action o

    Krishna Mohan Newbie


      We are using the EJB1.1

      When we perform Edit Action on a record, we are getting the data by using ejbFindByPrimaryKey & getter on ejb. (BMP EntityBean)

      in ejbFindByPrimaryKey, we are calling the load() to load all the details.
      in the getter method we are just returning the already loaded details.

      If we again perform the same Edit Action then ejbFindByPrimaryKey
      not calling. But correct data is coming.

      i thought JBOSS internally maintaing the data in cache.

      Where can i modify/change the property for every time to call EJB Find by Primary Key?

      We are using the JBOSS 4.0.5

      Thanks in advance
      Krishna Mohan