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    Passivation - can its time of occurance be controlled? (4.2.

    rajiv konkimalla Newbie

      We use a stateful session bean, which opens a socket connection. It is understood that during the passivation this connection needs to be closed, otherwise the connection becomes hung state and becomes useless during the next garbage collection time. So, during activation we are reopening the connection and everything works well.

      I observed that in 4.2.1.ga, passivation happens approximately 6 to 10 mins. I have seen the variation in the time. I thought of removing the passivation, so edited the following file
      ejb3-clustered-sfsbcache-service.xml with to have false. Even after running using "-c all" option, I see passivation is happening; I see logs showing that the state is getting stored in a file.

      1) Is there any way I can stop the passivation?
      2) Is there any way to increase the time of passivation to "x" mins.

      This is becoming a bottleneck to our requirement. Hence, Please give me a solution.