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    reusable SessionBean

    Sascha Effert Newbie


      I am writing a Metadata-Server for a Storage virtualisation using JBoss
      4.2.1. There I have a couple of physical disks used to build a virtual
      disk. There are EntityBeans for the the virtual disks and the physical
      disk. Next there exists a SessionBean to be called by the storage servers
      which decides which physical disk is to be used for a spcified area of the
      virtual disk. The server asks something like "On which physical Disk schall I
      store block 1234 of Virtual Disk 9876?", the Session Bean initializes a
      distribution algorithm over the physical disks of the virtual disks and
      sends back which physical disk is to be used.

      Now my problem: The initialization of the distribution algorithm takes much
      time (up to some minutes). The distribution could be reused for every
      request to a virtual disk if the instance could survive between calls. So I
      want something like a hashtable where I can store for any virtual disk an
      initialized instance of the distribution algorithm. Is there any way to do
      this in JBoss? Or do you have any other suggestion what I can do?


      Sascha Effert