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    how to deploy a bean with two jndi addresses and port number

    marten fitas Newbie


      I ve programmed a special custom socket RMI (client -server)factory to use SSL and Compression at the same time,

      so I managed to deploy the custom socket with the JBoss invoker using the configuration
      in the file Jboss-service.xml , jboss.xml

      is there a way to use two socket configuration at the same time, thus using both sockets
      my new SSL custom one and the standard (RMIP-IIOP)

      and how I can configure Jboss to use both sockets at the same time on different port number and JNDI addresses

      which means that the same bean will have two JNDI addresses and two port numbers
      one port number is using the custom SSL Socket while the other is using the normal