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    Setting up an EJB Client

    stscit04 Newbie


      How do I setup an EJB Client? As ar as I understood it,
      I need to have on the classpath of a standalone client:

      - jar containing the EJB3 business interfaces (the ones
      annotated with @remote)
      - jar with ejb-annotations because the business interfaces depend on them
      - ???

      Is there a list of jars available that I need in order to
      connect to jboss?

      Another question is regadring entitybeans (EJB 3). With EJB 2.1 and
      XDoclet, there was an xdoclet task that generated POJOs and
      methods in the entity beans that filled/read the pojos. Back then,
      I wrote Session beans as POJO/EntityBean converters. Is there a
      more convinient way of doing this in EJB 3?

      Thanks for any pointers to appropriate documentation or
      other help.

      Best regards,