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    help! - remote ejb call over ssl

    Kelly Dolan Newbie

      Hi! I'm sorry if this post is a bit general but I'm not sure what to include.

      I have two jboss servers (4.0.3) running on two different machines - one on each machine. I have servlet code running in one of the machines trying to remotely access an ejb running on the other machine. This is working great!

      Now I need to make sure the remote call is secure. So, I have configured the machine running the ejb to use SSL following all of the jboss docs and googled posts I can possibly find. This now breaks everything - the servlet code can no longer talk to the remote ejb.

      I've thoroughly googled and searched jboss and javaranch forums for help re: how to properly configure the client to work again but everything I have found (which is not much) does not seem to solve the problem.

      Has anyone ever gotten this to work? If so, how did you do it?

      Any other suggestions? helpful documentation? posts? questions?

      Desperately seeking solution...