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    ClassCastException in home.create

    Gilles Bardouillet Newbie


      I developped a SLSB EJB that can be invoked through Corba and RMI
      With RMI, everithing is OK, but it's not the case with Corba.

      I can receive the right Home from the ORB (through IOR), but when i call the create method I receive an ClassCastException.

      In the JBoss Server, i saw that my EJB was called on ejbCreate successfully.Fine.

      The ClassCastException is send by com.sun.corba.se.impl.javax.rmi.PortableRemoteObject.narrow with the message :
      Object is not of remote type xxx.itfejb.EJBRemote

      I tracked this class to see in the narrow method:
      NarrowFrom=org.jacorb.orb.Reference [interface java.rmi.Remote]
      narrowTo =interface xxx.itfejb.EJBRemote

      My JDK is

      Does someone has an idea about whats wrong ?