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    Is passivation enabled twice?

    Javid Jamae Newbie

      I've yet to verify, but it looks like passivation is enabled twice for stateful session beans in the all configuration of JBoss-5.0.0.Beta3.

      1) In server/all/conf/standardjboss.xml, the container for "Standard Stateful SessionBean" has the StatefulSessionFilePersistenceManager persistence manager set.

      2) In server/all/deploy/cluster/ejb3-cluster-sfsbcache-beans.xml, there is a cacheLoaderConfig property set to a bean named EJB3SFSBCacheLoaderConfig, which has a passivation property set to true. This enables passivation over JBoss cache.

      Is passivation happening twice out of the box, once to the file system and once to the cache? If so, is this an oversight? Should the filesystem based passivation be turned off when running the all configuration?