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    Distributed Transactions JBossAS 4.2.1GA

    Want Transaction Newbie


      is there a way to make distributed transactions work with JBossAS 4.2.1GA using the JTS component of JBoss Transactions? According to this wiki [http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=JBossTransactionsVersionGuide] it is not possible. But JBossAS 4.2.1GA is the only version i can currently use, because JBossAS 4.0.x does not support EJB 3.0 which I need (there is a patch, but that didn't work) and JBossAS 5.0 Beta3 wouldn't start without Exceptions after a clean new installation. And yes, I did check JDK/JVM version and environment variables. Btw.: JBossAS 4.2.1GA works fine with JDK/JVM 1.6