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    MDB Pooling

    Ajeet Phansalkar Newbie


      I have 5 MDB's which are listening to WSMQ for messages.I have created the configurations as per the jboss wiki on WSMQ.When I start the server I can see a total of about 35 connections being created. I find this from usign netstat on the port

      In standard-jboss.xml the invoker binding created has a min size of 1 and max size of 5
      In wsmq-ds.xml the minsize for pool is 1 and max is 100.

      If I change the invokerproxy binding setting then number of connections created is dropping.

      I am not getting as to why so many connections are being created when I have about 5 mdb and 1 mnimum thread pool.

      I am also unable to see the connections being created from JMX console.

      How do I see how many connections to WSMQ are actually created on server startup,how many are free in teh pool at runtime.

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      Ajeet Phansalkar