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    Calling methods in a children class from a parent class

    eivind hognestad Newbie

      I have a jboss installation with EJB2 where I have many different connections to telecom operators. All the connections have in common a method that have to be run to update a generic database table with some information.

      To run these methods from a generic/core place today, I have a session bean that ends with a generic name like ModulControllerServiceEJB in each of these projects or telcom operator connections. So I run a core method called i.e. processOperatorUpdate(Integer someVariable), and all the projects that have beans that ends with the name ModulControllerServiceEJB is checked for having this method, and if they do it is being called. This way I don't have to put a scheduler in each and every project to do the same core task. This processOperatorUpdate is put in a class that implements this core class, to force this method to exist in all projects like this.

      My question is, if this is the best way to solve a task like this, or if there is a more clever way to call a method in a children class.

      Also if anyone feels this is the wrong forum to ask this question, pleace advice.

      Thanks in advance - Eivind Hognestad