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    Problem acessing entity bean on the second started node in t

    Marcelo Alcantara Newbie


      I am having the following problem:

      I have a JBoss Cluster with some apps. Some use EJB2 and others EJB3.

      There is a specific application that uses entity bmp.

      When an entity bean is fist accessed at one node of the cluster, it works fine. But when you access the same bean on the other node of the cluster, the ejbLoad is not called - and although it returns after the findByPrimaryKey is called, all properties remains null (as ejbLoad was not called). I debugged it over and over.

      I did dozens of testes already. The problem always happens with the second started node in the cluster. Just the session beans in this app are marked "clustered" on the descriptor. The entities are not marked clustered.

      My JBoss server version is 4.2.2GA.

      Someone has a hint or some idea on this issue?

      Thanks in advance.