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    EJB 2.0 lookup fails on Jboss 4.2, working fine under Jboss

    Muhammad Junaid Newbie

      I have stable ejb app. running fine on Jboss 4.0.0, When i deployed it on Jboss 4.2.2.GA, i started getting ClassCastException in my struts action class while performing JNDI lookup for local home of my stateless session bean.

      InitialContext ic = new InitialContext();
      UserManagementSBLocalHome user =
      (UserManagementSBLocalHome) ic.lookup("UserManagementSBLocal");

      JMX console clearly says that:

      Global JNDI Namespace

      UserManagementSB (proxy: $Proxy79 implements interface vehicle.admin.UserManagementSBHome,interface javax.ejb.Handle)

      UserManagementSBLocal (proxy: $Proxy70 implements interface vehicle.admin.UserManagementSBLocalHome)

      Any idea about what's going on here?