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    Invokation of the create-method

    Nathan Gewecke Newbie


      I am new to working with JBoss(4.0.4GA), and I was wondering if there is an easy way to invoke the create method of an ejb from the server side of a web service.

      My problem is that I have a client and a server. The server is fed data by another source, and it opens another thread under the create method (@ejb-create-method using xdoclet(1.2.3) to retrieve the data. Then the client connects and gets the data. But the thread isnt invoked until the client connects to the server for the first time. This is an issue because what if the server is fed data before the client connects to it the first time.

      I have thought about making a server-side client that starts when the client starts but I would have no idea how to get that to run as well without making another ant script that runs the server then automatically runs a one time client.

      The best solution i could think of is a way that the server could "invoke" the create method on start up, but I have been doing research and not found much.

      Any advice?