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    JBoss Clustering and Failover for EJB3 not working

    sonali majumdar Newbie

      I have EJB3 beans hosted in JBoss 4.2.2GA. They are clustered. 2 JBoss nodes have deployed the EJB's and are running in clustered environment. The clustered JBoss nodes recognise each other. My program uses TCP instead of UDP for communication. The client program uses Spring to access the EJB beans. The Jndi properties ip and ha-jndi port number of the Jboss nodes is provided to the client. It can connect to the JBoss and can start. But, When one of the nodes to which it is connected is brought down, it fails to reconnect . The jboss does not do an automatic failover to the other node. Is there any special configuration for automatic failover to other clustered node ? I have no idea why this is happening ! Any help would be great !

      thanks in advance ,