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    Stateless Session Bean pool MaximumSize with strictMaximumSi

    Ashley Betts Newbie

      Hi all,
      I'm trying to restrict the number of active stateless session beans to 1 for a particular bean with no success. I've seen some of the comments/suggestions on other forums and have applied these but it still doesn't seem to recognise MaximumSize enforced with strictMaximumSize. The version of Jboss I'm currently using is 4.2.3.


      <!DOCTYPE jboss PUBLIC
      "-//JBoss//DTD JBOSS 4.2//EN"



      <container-configuration extends="Standard Stateless SessionBean">

      (for some reason the post seems to remove the tags MaximumSize and strictMaximumSize but they are there wrapping the values in container-pool-conf)

      When I check jmx-console it seems to show a maximum of 30 (and 2 as its current size after a couple of test executions):

      Name Type Access Value Description
      Name java.lang.String R StatelessDelegateWrapper MBean Attribute.
      StateString java.lang.String R Started MBean Attribute.
      CreateCount int R 2 MBean Attribute.
      State int R 3 MBean Attribute.
      InvokeStats org.jboss.ejb3.statistics.InvocationStatistics R MBean Attribute.
      CurrentSize int R 2 MBean Attribute.
      RemoveCount int R 0 MBean Attribute.
      MaxSize int R 30 MBean Attribute.
      AvailableCount int R 30 MBean Attribute.

      standardjboss.xml hasn't been modified from the standard release.

      Anyone have any suggestions to why this isn't working for me?