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    EJB3 and CORBA status

    Dalen Kruse Newbie

      I've searched around on the JBoss forums and have found several people having problems accessing an EJB3 bean with a CORBA client. I haven't seen any solutions and there are some indications (https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/JBREM-269?page=com.atlassian.jira.plugin.system.issuetabpanels%3Acomment-tabpanel) that IIOP will not be supported in JBoss with EJB3 beans.

      Is this still true? If not, does anybody know when this functionality will be in JBoss?

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          Jason Shepherd Newbie

          I would be interested in this functionality as well. It seems like a good way to be able to call remote EJB 3.x beans from older versions of JBoss AS, while migrating between version. Currently issues with the JBoss Remoting conflicts, and having both more than one version of JBoss remoting on the classpath, could be avoided in that way. As well as the obvious, which is to call them using languages other than Java.


          However, the EJB 3.1 specification [1], states that distributed interoperability support is not defined for the EJB 3.x version, only for EJB 2.1, in Chater 15. Therefore I can see why it wasn't imlemented for the AS 7.1 version. Perhaps we could vote to get JBRM-269 included in a future release?


          "This chapter describes the interoperability support for accessing an enterprise bean through the EJB 2.1 remote client view from clients distributed over a network, and the distributed interoperability require- ments for invocations on enterprise beans from remote clients that are Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) components. Distributed Interoperability is not defined for the EJB 3.x remote client view."


          [1] http://download.oracle.com/otn-pub/jcp/ejb-3.1-fr-eval-oth-JSpec/ejb-3_1-fr-spec.pdf