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    Lookup Remote EJBs (ejb3) on a different version of JBoss 4

    Yousuf Haider Newbie

      Ok here is my scenario.

      I have a ejb3 session bean deployed on a JBoss instance whose version is 4.2.0CP02.

      I have another application that lookups and consumes that EJB. This application is deployed on jboss version 4.3.0.GA_CP02

      First of all is this possible ?

      The compatibility matrix on the wiki has no mention of jboss 4.3:

      Secondly if this does not work (meaning I start getting InvalidClassExceptions due to different serialversionUIDs defined in classes in different jboss versions) what is the workaround ?

      Or do I have to enforce that both instances of JBoss need to be on the same version.