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    jboss 4.2.2 ejb class loading

    bob smith Newbie

      here is my scenario. i have a single ear file containing two ejb jars -- ejbA.jar, and ejbB.jar. there are also two dependency jar files within the ear -- /appA/lib.jar, and /appB/lib.jar. ejbA manifest's classpath points to /appA/lib.jar, while ejbB manifest's classpath points to /appB/lib.jar. think of it as two of the same ejbs, where B is a newer version of A. thus, /appA/lib.jar contains the same classes as /appB/lib.jar, but just older version. by default, JBoss does not differentiate between these classpaths, though. so if /appA/lib.jar is loaded first, both ejbs end up using those classes. of course, ejbB using classes from /appA/lib.jar spells trouble. there is a way in weblogic to make ejbs read jars exclusively from their own classpath, rather than whatever is already loaded. but is it possible to accomplish that in jboss 4.2.2? thanks!!!