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    Resources in transaction

    Mohit Anchlia Novice

      Jboss 4.2. I have a question about 2 phase commit: Here is the scenario:

      1. Our app starts a user transaction in a servlet
      2. In that transaction it accesses Stateless Bean that inserts something in DB. I think this leads to prorogation of transaction, if I am not wrong.
      3. After successful call to that bean it inserts a message in queue (remember everything is still in same transaction).

      So my question is, would both DB and JMS provider be part of same transaction and follow 2 phase commit protocol? So if DB fails or the route fails does it also ask for rollback from other resource? I am wondering how that works.

      Our DB is non-XA and JMS provider is XA. Jboss internally uses last resource gambit.