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    Java 6 corrupted stream - help needed

    Mark Bramnik Newbie

      Hi, I'm working on rich-client (SWING) based application with EJB3 backend.
      I work with jboss 4.0.4 and jdk 1.5.07
      Recently I tried to upgrade to Java 1.6_02 and encountered a weird problem when strarting my rich client application.
      I'm getting s "stream corrupted (05)" message when attempting to deserialize the data retrieved by the EJB3 stub.

      I've investigated to find an error, and found a kind of workaround to this problem here : https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/JBPAPP-907
      Ive' Added the parameter and it really fixed the problem.
      _BUT_ ideally I would like to use web start to distribute my application through the network.
      And with the Web Start technology this parameter is useless (it just doesn't read it even when supplied) and I have the same issue. I was wondering if there is another solution to web-start related classloaders (as far as I understand, the classloader that is invoked from javaws is different from the standard class loader.

      So the question is whether its possible to define something in jnlp file in order to make a WebStart to operate properly?

      Thanks in advance for any help