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    Do a transactional call to a remote EJB

    Luiz Gustavo Roos Newbie

      How can I do a call from a EJB3 in server 'A' (EJB_A) to other EJB3 in server 'B' (EJB_B), and the call be transactional? EJB_A and EJB_B update data on its own XA datasource

      I did it in jboss 5 with JTS, but we can't use jboss 5, both servers are jboss 4.2.3, and JTS doesn't work.

      My ideia now is lookup from EJB_A the UserTransaction of the server B, and if happen some problem in EJB_A, I do the rollback on UT of server B.
      But, when I lookup the UserTransaction of the server B from EJB_A, instead get a ClientUserTransaction, I'm getting a ServerVMClientUserTransaction and it's not working.

      Do you have any help, link, wiki, other ideia, anything to do this call transactional in jboss 4.2.3?!