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    EJB3 Load  Balancing in a Cluster

    Rama Krishnan Newbie

      I have a stateless session ejb3.0 deployed in jboss5.0.0 GA with the Cluster & Round robin load balance policy annotations set in the ejb bean.

      This ejb is invoked by a stand alone java client.

      Now the call from the client is as follows

      a) do HA _JNDI Lookup --> this is how my provider url is env.put("java.naming.provider.url","<IPADD1>:1100,<IPADD2>:1100")
      b) do 10 calls to the remote ejb..

      here i find that all the 10 calls are routed to IP Add 1 only ...

      If I go through the entire process again i.e lookup & then ejb invocation, then the calls are routed to 2 nd server..

      is the load balancing tied to the lookup.. i.e does the lookup refer to one server only at a time?

      I was under the impression that 10 calls will also be load balanced and will be routed as per the load balancing policy..

      Can somebody explain..